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So one day after many years, I was in the kitchen with my mum, and she popped the question
“What have I done wrong to you that you can’t discuss and let’s be cool mother and daughter?
Ok, I didn’t see that coming” so we got talking, I narrated all that I wrote in the previous chapter, looking at her tears filled eyes, I also started sobbing, and she retorted” is that how you see it? I did all to protect you, in my mind, if I could present you to those inside and outside strangers as a very young girl, they would back off
Really!how would that keep a predator at bay? Anyway, we discussed further and concluded that I would gain more understanding as I grow older.
She apologised sincerely, and we made up, hugged and went back to our amala turning.
Then my search began; how could she have done all that to protect me?
What was it about me?
Someday I heard someone say after hearing the story that maybe you are a creative convertible personality
What! Never heard of that, so my next step was to find out what a CC is. A show boy or girl, the most judged and misconstrued because half the time he/she is thought to be unserious and indisciplined, quickly turned off by monotony and very impulsive, could also overplay
The CC often when they are trusting, others say they’re indiscriminate
Charming, others say they are manipulative
Sociable, others say they’re fickle
Flexible, others say they’re unfocused
Passionate, others say they’re illogical
praise motivates the cc, love, flattery, Famand the red flag is he loves freedom from rules and regulations.
As a parent, guardian or carer, when you notice these, you would only be able to help and protect them to the extent that you know.

One day, in class, the same thoughts came back to my mind as we were POLISHING SILVER
Like a decorative silverware, here is a charming child,
expressing him or herself in a show of beauty,

Oratory prowess, knowledge, passion, magic and trust.
Same like a silverware can gather dust; he /she can also fall prey to those who take an appeal as manipulation, friendliness as being fickle and gullible, passion as being illogical and trust as being indiscriminate.
So like silverware,
1 Observe and wear a glove whenever you need to hold such a child
2. Wrap them up to protect, do not expose them, ensure a safe environment and preserve their future.
3. When there is a need, rub them with a fluffy towel to remove specks of dirt( focus on correcting their error not inflicting pain by punishment or emotional abuse)
4. Pay attention to them, see the glitter that shines as a result of your gentle rub,
5. Protect them as a sign of strength, comfort and affluence.
Whenever you think of your charming child, think of a precious expensive decorative silverware.

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