(3B modules)Belonging

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Your connection to the world, you are the one to create the world that suits your red quadrant( the authentic you), so it’s your world; with this in mind, you can extend your plugs. In connecting, you must have the following in mind
1. List the five people that you presently spend most of your life with, do they support your dreams, what does the relationship represent to you? Does it continuously fulfil your purpose?
2. You know what is most important to you in any relationship, look for them so that you can have the best of your connections
3. What are the positive approaches to life, habits, attitudes and values that your relationship affords you? At this stage, you are AUTHENTIC, and you need links that will enhance the best version of your authentic self, your best RED, remember colours have intensity, your red is in gradients.
4. Ask your person, what are the meanings that these connections are giving me
5. Ask your self what feeds your soul and in what environment will you like to relish it.
6. Remember, you must never get carried away with the façade covering the ageing bodies of human beings, they are meant for presentation, when it comes to the issues of your soul connection, sit enthroned, choose right and groom your relationships.
Do not mortgage your authenticity for membership, if it doesn’t reinforce your red quadrant; it is chipping it away. Thus, it is not worth your lifetime

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