(PC Series )Need some fresh air

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Pastor dad and mum, can we have some time off, please? Like some Sundays to attend other churches of our fancy? Yes, we take vacations together, but as a young adult or a teenager, I like modern churches with cool coded names. Can we volunteer and experience some refreshing?
Trust me, pastor, it can only add to your church and ministry.
We are Arrows, for shooting! Of what benefit is the arrow that you hang around yourself and don’t shoot? It’s a matter of time before the shaft forgets the purpose.
A pastor’ s child doesn’t necessarily have to inherit the father’s ministry
Shoot us, pastors, see how accurate your skills are, you have trained and anchored us,
Shoot us and know the value of our character, how humble can I be in another man’s land where I am not known? What is my drive, is it Jesus or fame and accolades that trickle from you?
How deep am I in the anointing functioning outside your perimeters pastor?
Shoot me, I am an arrow and wait to hear of my exploits, you have taken territories, shoot me to make other territories for Jesus, I am God’s heritage, meant to be shot, I am His reward.

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