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Dear PC,

Have you ever asked your self the question ‘ why do I go to church or why am I a Christian? Answering these questions will help determine who you seek; it is what determines what experiences

you ‘d have. The extent of your search for WHO and WHY determines the impact of your life experiences positive or negative.

Look, leadership is a lonely walk! Except of course pastors start to hire PR professionals to manage public opinions of their children…
You are never going to get that approval from ‘ the church’ stop looking for it!
Just be a Christian child, youth, adult, woman or man.
Leadership puts you out there in people’s faces, and they are bound to see you.
High standards are for those in leadership, and as a PC you will hear such things as ‘ even if others are, doing you shouldn’t do as a governor’s child, as a president’s son, as a pastor’ s child…
Even God had to Input on us the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
They want you to observe the sanctity, holiness and orderliness, values and ways of your parents’ office but they do not accord you the honour, grace and approval that they give to your parents.
How does it work??
How do people love their pastors so much but disapprove of his wife, her husband and or children?? Oh I Can’t even deal 😂
Dear PC you are a reasonable and logical being, quit seeking such approvals.
You are already approved, predestined, chosen and ordained by God as PC and to be all that you are created for, so walk in authority, live your full life in christ without apologies. They will come around and get used to you.

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