The 3B modules

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This is you connecting to a deeper sense of your authentic self.
Your most potent ability is in being you and doing you without an apology.
This is where you find your meaning to life, life must mean different things to different people.
For you to be ready for anything of significance in life, you must be whole.
Wholeness comes from you identifying who you really are, describing yourself in three to one sentence
Qualifying your Life
with 5 adjectives and giving your life story book or movie a title.
The question to ask your self right now is ‘ if your life were a movie, what would the title be?
Having identified yourself, hope you did a good job of sorting your colored self, the good, bad and ugly
In color terms, your orange, brown yellow and Red colours.
We all have them, everybody in the world’s got an issue
The good: how do you feel when you consider your best self? I am sure a sense of grandeur.. you must keep that feeling alive, even as we go on to consider other aspects of you later on in the series.
It is ok to register that some of the good you are relishing are innate , some hereditary and the largest part were learned over time( nature and nurture)
Goodnews!! You have the capacity to increase in your good quadrant
1. By learning and adopting more good
2. By overcoming some bad quadrant traits
3. By choosing the paths that feed the good.
Learn how to create your authentic self
The bad: start with the phrase again, , every body in the world’s got an issue
You found some bad in you? Big deal
God has lived with that till now! Just as you acquired good, bad was also acquired.
With a good understanding of the process of choice, using the most precise tools, you will convert your bad.
The ugly: These are the yours that you want no one to know about😀
The whispered question is ‘why keep her? Why are you keeping him?
He or she is not fit for your public acknowledgment and representation.
If you think they are difficult to approach, it is because you ‘re using inaccurate tools,
we can look at them together sometimes..
Your joy to wholeness has begun, fulfillment comes when you lu ch out on this platform completing the four quadrant of being.
The enmergence of your authentic self comes with a fresh breeze of confidence, a readiness to take on the world and an exceptional clarity.
We will put all these to work in the next module.


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